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What sellers need to do before they start selling on
international marketplaces?

Use translators who know what they are doing.

How do you know what translators do use?
There are so many good translators out there. A lot of sellers find their translators on Fiverr.com. We are not saying that you can’t find a good translator on an online freelance services marketplace, but what do they know about Amazon? Do they know the length of listing titles or how to do proper keyword research? No, they don’t. Without good keywords, your products will not show up on the new Amazon marketplace you did the translation for. You need someone who knows Amazon and has experience in marketing translations. For example, any professional translator can translate the instructions for a vacuum cleaner, but Amazon listing translation is a niche itself.


Do proper keyword research for each marketplace separately.

Why is it important to do keyword research for each different marketplace?
If you just translate keywords from the US/UK marketplace to another language, you will not necessarily get the same keyword in a foreign language. Too often, English longtail keywords are not the same in foreign marketplaces, and, sometimes, they’re not even high-traffic keywords. Even if you compare keyword results for the US and the UK marketplace, you are often going to get different search results. That’s why it’s important to do keyword research for each marketplace separately before going into any new marketplace.


Know their audience.

Who are you selling to?
Do you know your audience? Are you selling to seniors or kids? Do you know the audience of this new foreign marketplace, and what they are like? Germans are very straightforward, they don’t like the sales pitch in your bullets and don’t want to be pushed into buying your product. The US marketplace is very salesy and the complete opposite of the German marketplace. A lot of very big companies have failed on a new marketplace, just because they have failed to understand their new buyers. Don’t be like those companies.


Localize their product listings.

What is localization?
Localization is often even more important than the translation itself. By localizing your listings, you are able to convey the message to your new buyer in a better way. A lot of times, this means that the translator will have to rewrite the original text to some extent, because, in many cases, the original text doesn’t sound good to a native speaker, translated as it is word-for-word.



Who we are

YLT Translations is a leading Amazon-dedicated translation agency. For the past 2 years, we have been working with various 6-8 figure sellers. What makes us different and unique is that we have a team of 43 native translators who know Amazon and know how to perform keyword research. Our top priority is our superb customer service and turnaround time. We are always ready to tailor our services to the client’s needs. We understand the complexity of Amazon marketplaces and the unique challenges your brand can face when starting to sell on international marketplaces. Your success story is our success story.

Case study

My company has a private label product which we have been selling on Amazon UK for a number of years. There are two parent ASINS each with 8 colour variations. Peak sales for the products are May, June, July and Q4. In March 2018 I decided to expand our listings onto Amazon European Marketplaces and listed the product in France, Germany, Italy and Spain. I didn’t manually translate the listings, I just let Amazon do it automatically.

After the UK, Germany and France are our biggest markets in Europe. Italy and Spain really don’t have much of a market for what we sell – we do get some sales from them but very few. Over the Spring and Summer of 2018 we made about 20 sales in Germany and 8 in France but none at all in Italy and Spain. These figures were tiny compared to Amazon UK sales.

My research showed that automatically translated product listings were functional but didn’t reflect how buyers in different countries searched for the product or what they even called it. Ideally, the translations needed to be done by a native speaker with a knowledge of e-commerce, Amazon listing techniques, who also understood the importance of bullet points and search terms! Quite a lot to ask for!

I identified several potential translation companies and made contact. By far the most professional was YLT. Jana and her team gave me rapid answers to my questions and showed me how they work translating Amazon product listings. Jana gave me a very reasonable proposal to translate my listings into French, German, Italian and Spanish and I accepted. The final translations were delivered in November 2018 and I updated all my European Marketplace listings in the middle of December 2018 – a bit too late to affect Q4 sales.

Taking 1st Jan 2019 as our starting point for implementing YLT translations, here’s how Germany and France compared in each quarter by volume and value compared to the same quarter in 2018. These are very impressive figures and without a doubt, the professional Amazon product listings provided by Jana’s team drove this excellent sales growth. New sales were also made in both Italy and Spain over Q4, and this is also down to having correctly translated listings. Writing this in early Q1, 2020, I’m pleased to say that sales in both Germany and France are already showing an increase over the same period last year.

I am pleased that YLT’s work has been of such a great benefit to our business and I’d certainly recommend them to any Amazon seller wanting to expand into European Marketplaces. I look forward to using Jana’s team again as our product range increases and we ourselves expand into new Amazon markets.

Paul Roberts
Owner of Terrevista Trails

case study ylt
case study ylt
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Superb One Stop Shop for All Your Amazon/Ecommerce Translations

“As an Amazon seller that sells in multiple European marketplaces we were looking for a company that could handle all our translations in one go. Previously, we had used separate translators for each geography and although we were always happy with their work, there was quite a bit of work in co-ordinating the communications with up to 5 separate people.

YTL-Translations was recommended on one of the Amazon Seller Facebook groups and I decided to reach out to them to get a quote.Jana, responded very quickly and was extremely courteous and professional. We agreed a fee and I gave her the listings I needed translated. I was extremely impressed when I got the translations as:

  • Turnaround time for all translations was within a week
  • YTL had market researched my niche and highlighted the keywords they determined to be in best target words in bold on the translated text
  • YTL had given me a list of phrases for the backend keyword fields for each geography
  • I really cannot recommend YTL highly enough. In fact, I recommended them to other sellers who are personal friends and they have been delighted too. Having one point of contact who can get all EU marketplaces done together is a huge time saver for us. They clearly understand the nuances of each marketplace and the particular SEO needs of Amazon seller and knowing this gives us great piece of mind that the listing is optimised.”

    John Bond
    Seller, Luvdbaby

    I have been selling on Amazon for over 7 years across Europe and have tried using contractors, online translators or translating agencies but they never understand that particularities of selling on Amazon. I have used YLT for two translations into the 4 EU languages and have been very impressed with the work done, and I speak fluently 2 of the languages into which the listings were being translated.”

    David P
    7-figure US Seller

    “Our translated flows have been received well, and our users seem to be enjoying and appreciating the translations for global marketplaces. Thanks again for your work on that and turning it around so quickly; we’ll definitely reach out if we have further questions or needs in the future.”

    Cydney Glasser
    Marketing and Communications
    Specialist, Seller.Tools

    “Working with YLT Translations has always been a pleasure. Not only is Jana and her team super efficient they also deliver high quality translations at a very good price!”

    Kelly Harper
    Marketing Manager, Payoneer