You know that you are losing money when you do not have good keywords in your listings. And you know that you are missing out on potential sales and revenue growth. You know you should get help – but who can help?


Find somebody who understands Amazon sellers, and who understands how translations can help them. Good optimization and backend keywords are essential. We understand sellers, we understand how the A9 Amazon algorithm works, and we know how it can help you boost your sales. We deliver perfectly and on time.


This is our system. The key to our success is having a good organizational system and a team of quality professionals. We have done this for years and we are completely in on the AMZ game. Check it out here.



What does YLT stand for?

It stands for: Your Listing Translation

At YLT translations we are dedicated to one thing: providing you with the highest quality Amazon listing translations, so make more sales.

We are the ONLY agency on the market that offers Listing Optimization for all international markets, in all languages – keep those listings updated!

We take care of every process that delivers you a listing in your chosen foreign market: European (German, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, Swedish, Polish, Czech), or worldwide: Japanese, Mexican, French Canadian, Portuguese Brazilian or Arabic for UAE and Saudi Arabia. This includes:

  • Translation of your listing
  • Foreign language sales copy
  • Foreign Language Keyword Research

If you are looking to expand into new markets and maximize the earning potential of your current Amazon listing, then these three processes are critical.

  • If you don’t have a quality translation – you lose sales
  • If you don’t have sales focused copy – you lose sales
  • If you don’t have quality foreign keyword research – you lose sales

It’s that simple.

Why Bother With New Markets?

The internet is dominated by English speaking business owners. Why is this relevant? Because it means the competition on Amazon is much lower in foreign language markets like Germany and Japan. With significantly lower competition than Amazon USA, your new foreign market listing has a high chance of giving you a second stream of income.


Why Do This With Us?

With a proven track record of bringing together all the necessary skills, at YLT Translations we are uniquely positioned to obtain top quality results for all your foreign language Amazon listings.
We are fully invested in making you rave about our service and our serious attention to detail.

Our service is a 100% “done for you” process, so you can just sit back and know that all the background work on your listing is done to the highest quality, ready for you to post.

In addition, we do not rest until you fully approve our work. We work on three main principles:

1. Highest quality work
2. On time turn around
3. Great customer experience


Who Are We?

I’m Jana:

With 9 years working in the online language industry, I’ve done everything from foreign language business training to multi-language e-commerce. Having trained translators to cross over and work and think as marketers, I now enjoy developing this area to its fullest potential at YLT.

You can see the rest of the team here.

So What’s The Story ?

It all started out when a friend asked Jana to help with a couple of Amazon FBA listings for his existing Amazon PPC clients who saw the potential for duplicating a listing in Germany. They wanted to expand, but had big problems finding translators who understood marketing and sales. Her friend dealt with all the nuts and bolts of keyword research while Jana developed and improved her well-established network of translators to “get” the whole Amazon marketing thing. This combination worked well for those early clients …


“We realized that we’d stumbled onto a huge win for Amazon sellers to add an extra revenue stream with relatively little extra work.”


It did not take long for a proven system to develop. On a trip around southeast Asia, Jana bumped into more Amazon sellers looking to do the same.


“Suddenly a couple of Amazon consultants signed us up to work with their communities, and at that point it was obvious that we had something great to offer sellers.”


As soon as Jana had two Amazon consultants on board and well over 150 listings translated, it was finally time to go public …

Now YLT Translations is a well-oiled machine that pushes Amazon listings globally, on a daily basis.


If you want to better understand how you can supercharge your existing Amazon listing, drop us a message or e-mail: info@uat.ylt-translations.com
You can also book an appointment with us on Skype or Zoom, or you can contact me on chat in the lower-right corner!

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Do you want to make profit, save time and money?

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That’s why we are here.

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