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-Who are we?

Hi! I’m Jana:

With 9 years working in the online language industry, I’ve done everything from foreign language business training to multi-language e-commerce. Having trained translators to cross over and work and think as marketers, I now enjoy developing this area to its full potential at YLT.

You can see the rest of the team here.

So What’s The Story ?

It all started out when a friend asked Jana to help with a couple of Amazon FBA listings for his existing Amazon PPC clients who saw the potential for duplicating a listing in Germany. They wanted to expand, but had big problems finding translators who understood marketing and sales. Her friend dealt with all the nuts and bolts of keyword research while Jana developed and trained her well- established network of translators to “get” the whole Amazon marketing thing. This combination worked well for those early clients….

“We realized that we’d stumbled onto a huge win for Amazon sellers to add an extra revenue stream with relatively little extra work”

It did not take long for a proven system to develop. On a trip around southeast Asia, Jana bumped into more Amazon sellers looking to do the same.


“Suddenly a couple of Amazon consultants signed us up to work with their communities, and at that point it was obvious that we had something great to offer sellers”


As soon as Jana had two Amazon consultants on board and well over 150 listings translated, it was finally time to go public.

Now YLT Translations is a well-oiled machine that pushes Amazon listings globally, on a daily basis.


What does the acronym YLT stand for?


It stands for Your Listing Translations


Who are our clients?

Amazon sellers from around the world! But most requests come from the German market.


If I contact you, who am I going to speak with?

You will speak with me – Jana K., a founder of YLT Translations. I am at your service, always ready to help.

What is the meaning behind our logo colours?






Yellow – We are cheerful, happy, playful, fun optimistic, uplifting, illuminating, logical, and we do everything with confidence, originality and creativity.

Magenta – We believe in universal harmony and emotional balance. We are spiritual yet practical and encourage common sense, imagination, innovation, creativity and artistic sensibilities.

Blue – You can be sure of our loyalty, trust and integrity, tactfulness, reliability, responsibility and devotion.


Where are we located?


8 The Green Street

Dover, DE 19901


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